Frequently Asked Questions


In all honesty, there is only one frequently asked question, one that I receive about 50
emails a week on. So here, I will answer that question for the masses. I will also include
any other questions I receive/have received.

1. Where can I get a copy of Wings of Desire?

Through association with VideoFlicks.Com, I am now selling copies of Wings of Desire through this website. Links to purchase it can be found in my Purchasing section.

2. Is there a screenplay available online?

Not that I know of so far, but has informed me that a German version is available through Amazon.De. It includes many pictures from the film and arrives three to four weeks after ordering. I have had a lot of requests for the script so I am considering just watching the movie and typing out the dialouge myself. If anyone would like to help, please email me.

3. Where can I find a copy of the poem at the beginning of the movie?

 The complete poem is here. I also have the German version here.
Thanks to Gabriel for sending it to me and thank you to Doug Rosebrock for revising it.

4. Is there a soundtrack available for Wings of Desire?

Yes! was kind enough to search for it, which he found on Amazon.Com.
I have provided a direct link for purchasing it and many other items on my Purchasing page.

If you have a question that has not been answered on this FAQ, feel free to email me
Remember, I don't hold back...if I had the screenplay / pictures / etc, it would be here.

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