Broken AngelUpdate 09/25/99:

Added the Duran Duran review
Added the Tori/Alanis review
Added a Purchasing section to WOD

Update 06/25/99:

Changed Servers. (Ugh!)
New Opening Page
New Main Page
Added the Live 105 BFD 6 Review
Added to the WOD FAQ.

Broken Angel
Update 05/01/99:
Added the SF Metallica Review
New Opening Page
New Main Page

Update 04/12/99:
Updated the FAQ for Wings of Desire
Added the poem to WOD
Put in new title graphic for WOD
Added to the Metallica review
Added to the Tori Amos review
Added to the Smashing Pumpkins review
Broken AngelAdded to the STP review
Updated the Tori Amos section
Updated the Neith section
Updated the Soundtrack

Update 02/14/99:
New Intro Page
New Main Page
Added FAQ to Wings of Desire
Added Soundtrack

Update 01/01/99:
New Intro Page
Broken AngelNew Main Page
A page for Lisa.
Added Metallica Section
Added to the Sandman section.

Update 10/31/98:
New main page.
Added to the Metallica review.
Added to the Bush review.

Update 9/25/98:
Added two intro pages
Changed Main page.
Added PHS page
Broken AngelAdded Bridge School review
Added Tori Amos Review

Update 8/31/98: 
Added Metallica Review
Put in a new bio
Added update page
Joined the Endless and Children of the Night Webrings

Update 8/1/98: (Not too sure)
Added the God section
Added the Sandman section
Joined the quietly ring
Broken Angel
Update 7/26/98?: 
Added the Marilyn Manson Sucks section
Put back markers on all the pages

Final webpage published.

*mockingbird girl*