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tori amos

Okay, so now I think I'm an official Tori Amos fan since I saw her in concert and could name all the songs. I was quite proud of that since that has only happened with three other bands.
I think Tori is hard to like. I never liked her until I saw the video to Hey Jupiter. It was one of those songs that snags your heart, one that you know you have never heard before yet it is so familiar to you. So I bought the single. Next, instead of buying one of her albums, I bought a bootleg I found, the Mtv unplugged performance. I did this so I would have exposure to different levels of her music instead of just that of one album. I liked it. Six months later I bought Under the Pink. Three months later I bought Boys For Pele. (Heehee...After hearing the remix of Hey Jupiter and the unplugged version I could barely stand listening to the album version.) I bought Choirgirl Hotel the day it was released and I just recently bought Little Earthquakes, I think it's one of my faves.
A couple of months ago, I had to give an oral report on a famous person for English class. I did it on Tori because not only is she the only solo singer I listen to but she is also the only female artist I listen to. I opened my report by showing the video to God. Hehe, I didn't even have to watch the TV, I knew which parts it was on by how my class was reacting. (I feel so sorry for them...first i did a report on my cememteries and then I did one on Tori and showed them that video) I talked about her for five minutes and then took questions which included "What is she saying?" (I was suprised because one girl could actually tell what she was saying) "Is she a lesbian?" and "Why does she have rats crawling on her?"
Other than music, I admire Tori for her openess. From what I've heard, she is very kind to her sometimes psychotic fans and never puts herself above them though they look up to her like a goddess. She struggled for a long time before reaching still non-mainstream success while other female artists get instant hit singles and she still shows grace and raves about their talent.

Some Favorite Songs of Mine:

Tear in Your Hand
Hey Jupiter
Liquid Diamonds
Northern Lad
Never Seen Blue

Tori Amos