you're not a helicopter you're not a cop out either"say you don't want it
this circus we're in
but you don't really mean it"

Tori Amos

WOW. What a concert. Right now, it's about 2:30 in the morning, we got back about a half hour ago. This was definately one of the most amazing concerts I have ever been to. Twas myself, my parents and my friends Paul and Sarah. The concert was September 9th, 1998 at the San Jose Event Center. With her was The Devlins.

To begin with, the ride down there was typical...Paul and Sarah arguing. When we finally got to San Jose, we were about an hour early so we decided to cruise by the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, (one of my homes away from home)since it wasn't too far away. Well, as usual, it took some wandering to find it but when we did, aaahhhhh.....I was so spazed. I missed the place so much. It was closed but it's so nice just visiting the grounds. Took lots of pictures. At 7:30, we decided to head back to the concert.

The parking garage at the Event Center was evil. The Event center itself was very nice, the smallest venue I've ever been too. It was incredible. We were in one of the last sections on the left hand side of the stage but....god, the view was better than the view from the binoculars at some of our last concerts. Very cool. the place seats 4000, I think, about twice the size of our Creative Arts Theatre at school.

So we get in and immediatly head to the shirt booth. I got the Jackie's Strength shirt and the program book...the shirts were hella expensive!! Like, the most expensive shirts I have ever seen at a concert. The program book wasn't too much of a rip off though. Paul and I hang around while everyone else uses the rest room. The Devlins start playing. They played two songs before we got to our seats....other than those two songs, here is the set list:

Don't Want to be Like This
(After this song, some chick yelled out that she liked the lead singers hair so he went into this long thing about liking hair and how she probably has nice hair too.)
Heaven to All
Alone in the Dark

The Devlins were very cool....I had only heard one song by them, but I like their style. Also, I liked the fact that they accepted that not many people would know their stuff so they'd say the name of the songs they would play, made life easier for me.

Then there was a 30 minute intermission.

Then the lights dimmed and three guys walked onstage and started playing an intro. After 2 minutes, Tori came out and started the first song....

Precious Things: Sounded good live....when she got to the nine inch nails-facist panties part, the lights blazed on, I swore the stage had exploded.

Crucify: I really wanted to hear this song, I'm glad she played it. She added a little extra end piece to it though.

Little Amsterdam: LOL, I was not expecting this. It had a real mellow feel to it, it got everyone to sit down for a while.

iiiieeee: The lights got super trippy...little beams of purple, green and red...solid blocks of green..also, I noticed that she wasn't really playing the piano during this song.

Cornflake Girl: She began this with a little song, kinda like Cornflake Girl. When she finally started the song, everyone stood up again. Paul starting screaming "YESYESYES!" to which I replied (to make fun of him)"YesYesYes, finally a song I know!"

Playboy Mommy: Another song I wasn't really expecting. But it was still cool.

American Pie/Smells Like Teen Spirit: Good covers. SLTS sounds *much* better by her. Paul says "It's cute when she says stupid!"

Doughnut Song

Caught a Lite Sneeze: I didn't really like how this was sounded too much like the style of the choirgirl songs. But oh well.


Waitress: Kinda loud, bright....I spaced out.

Then Tori and the guys left...after 2 minutes of screaming, the guys came back out and started a two minute intro until....



We were all like "What the hell?" But she looked so cute! She shook her tail at the gutarist, took off her paws and started playing...

She's Your Cocaine: Which sounded exceptionally good live.

Rasberry Swirl: OH MY GOD. Best part of the evening. Trippin green and pink lights. The drummer had these little lit up bouncy balls on his head. this rocked so much. My friends and I stomped, headbanged and danced through the whole songs, which she strentched out to five minutes. GOD IT ROCKED. Words cannot express how much ass it kicked.

Then Tori attempted to leave the stage again. After 4 minutes, they came back out and played...

Pretty Good Year: Very bright again but kinda relaxed everyone again...for a while. She was still on the suit but had taken off the head...she must have been hotter than hell in that...

After this, Tori actually left for good. The lights came up and we had to help Paul find his glasses, which flew out of his pocket while he was headbanging. Found them and cruised out pretty easily.

This was one of the best concerts I've been to. I have never rocked out at a concert like I did at this one. ARGH! I hella wanted to hear Jackie's Strength, it's like my favorite song and she didn't play it!