Tori Amos and Alanis Morrisette
September 19th, 1999
Concord Pavillion

yay tori!!

Meet - n - Greet!

Haha, Jessica and I are lame, this was our first m & g. We got there at 12, were told to come back at two. Came back at two, my dad almost ran over me with his car and we lined up with the other Toriphiles. That was interesting in itself, talking with them. It was nice, they weren't psycho like most of the people at the San Jose show. So the Pavillion Gestapo herd us up to the gate. After a while, Tori comes down! Yay! We were about ten feet back from her, I scooted over to the barricade on the left and got a good view of her, took some pics. Hopefully they'll turn out good. Now comes the crowd surfing singles, albums, books and posters! I sent up my Hey Jupiter and Jessipud's Jackie's Strength. They got sent back after 5 mins. Dammit. Send them up again. Get them back. Send them up. Get them back signed! Yay! Oh yes, while I was sending them up for the second and third time, I was also sending up an Under the Pink booklet for this girl behind us who was so sweet about the whole thing. It kept coming back unsigned, I sent it up like, 10 times. Finally I was like "Okay, this badboy is getting signed or I'm kicking Tori's ass!" so I sent it up again. It came back signed! Yay! I was all happy cause the girl was all happy. That's what I loved about the whole had such a good vibe. You could feel the love. <gag> But really....with everyone's stuff crowd surfing up and everything, the stuff could get snatched but everyone was really honest and nice. I was like "Whoah-ho! Hey Jupiter, Jackie's Strength, Under the Pink back here!" and it would surf it's way back. And there was this really awesome guy in front of me, Orangey Guy...he was nice, he took a pic of Tori for me cause I'm short. (I just got the pics back a couple of days ago and I got some awesome shots from when I was off to the side and some pretty good ones for just holding the camera up and clicking...thanks to Orangey Guy for taking a cool pic of Tori for me. I'll scan them later)

After the whole m & g, Jessica and I were like "YAY TORI!!" (the general mood of the day) and we wanted to find the cool girl from behind us but she was nowhere in sight. Wandering around the parking lot...all of a sudden, Jessica was like "Isn't that her in that car?" It was so I started jumping and flagged her down. Haha, we prolly scared her. We were (well, I was) like, "Oh we were looking for you, you were so nice, that was sooo fun..." so we got her email addy. It's like, honestly, we're not psychotic.

Then Jessica and I were being lame and walking around talking, called my dad, took a bunch of pics in front of the Pavillion sign that said "TORI AMOS" Then we went home, lounged around, ate dinner and got dressed for the concert.

So we got to the Pavillion at um, quarter to 7. Just for the record, it was myself, Jessica and my mom. We're heading up the steps and the first thing we hear is the Storm guy saying all this "Mmm, come try our free Storm!" Man, they couldn't even GIVE this stuff away. I told him that and he laughed at me and said I was mean. We then spent five hours in line buy stuff. I got the purple/black Tori shirt, the tourbooks, the necklace and the keyring. I was like man, I'm not passing anything up this time around!

Okay, I'm not including a review for the opening band cause they left right as we were getting to our seats. Oops. But um, the keyboard guy looked spiffy.

-Tori Amos-

So we sit down, drool at our seats. Row D, Tori side! Yay Tori! Finally, the lights go down and God starts up. Tori comes out in this black velvety dress.

God: God is God....always the same...kinda long now.

Sugar: Hah, Tori was having "fun" with her piano. I loooved the live version of this song, it was so beautiful. I want a copy of this show!

Past the Mission: Whoah! I wasn't expecting this, but it was, one of the only songs from Under the Pink that I actually like. And when she got to the body part she was on the electric piano so she was facing us.

Glory of the 80's: This song was trippy but I really liked it.

Hotel: I'm glad she played this cause when she played it in SJ, I kinda wasn't paying attention. It really got me this time.

Bliss: Ah, I love sounds great with all the regulars.

Leather: Hahah, Jessica. This was cool...not one of my faves, but cool.

Landslide: This started up and I was like "Eek!" Not really expecting was so beautiful, although it was weird cause I'm used to listening to the version by Smashing Pumpkins. She started it off by saying "I used to make out to this song...well, I say that about a lot of songs so that should tell you something about me."

Suede: Another new song, it sounded kinda reminded me of Choirgirl stuff. And she was playing the electric so we could see her face.

Professional Widow: Hahaha! I just listened to this before leaving for the concert...I told Jess that if she played it, Sarah was going to be pissed at me cause it's one of her faves and she didn't play it when we saw her in San Jose. Also, during PW, this guard came up to the end of our row, pointed at me a bunch of times, made a little box shape with his hands and then pointed to his eyes. I"m like, "Huh?" This chick next to Jess said that he said I had a camera and that he would be watching me. I'm like "Die asshole!" I sooo didn't have a camera!

Graveyard: was cute.

Tear in Your Hand: AAAHHHH!!! When this started, I started screaming. It's my favorite Tori song and I was NOT expecting her to play it. AAAHHH! If I could cry, I would have. It was sooo amazing. Except the bass was too high. it.

Waitress: Same as before...loud, bright...trance-y.

Then Tori attempted to leave...after a couple of mins, she came back.

Precious Things: This sucks as the last song since it was the opening song during the last tour. But it still sounds good.

Jessica and I then went up to the main area to find my mom, who had left during Bliss cause the bass was giving her an arrythmia. She went off to get garlic fries while we sat around talking...we were talking with these two other Tori-people about Alanis. It was hella funny. As Alanis started, these two guys ran out screaming.

-Alanis Morrisette-

She started while we were eating our fries so we missed the first song, which I didn't know anyways. As she started to play All I Really Want, we headed down there. For the record, Alanis had an awesome backround...a huge carved, um...thing. She was wearing a red shirt, black skirty thing and the most awesome red chinese spats. I want them. Bad. And Alanis ran around the stage a lot, so we got to see her more than Tori....and um, she was doing this weird thing with her hands. It was scary.

All I Really Want: Got to our seats at the tail end of this one.

Hand in My Pocket: I actually like this reminds me of myself sometimes.

I Still Know: Something from the new album that I don't really know. It sounded good.

Afraid: Another new song, I think. It was cool. Alanis totally spazed during this song. It was scary.

"Be Good": Unknown song...she played the flute. It was a beautiful song, kinda sounded like something you'd hear at the prom though.

You Learn: Dedicated to all of us. It took me a min to remember the name of the song though,

"Catholic Girls": Another unknown.

Forgive Me: This sounded so weird with a band backing it, but still nice.

So Pure: Ah, I like this song. It was all bright and trippy.

You Oughta Know: Red was neat...the song didn't really pick up until the end. I felt like a little preppy girl cause I was singing along.

Then there was a piano solo by this guy while Alanis sat on the floor of the stage and watched him.

Uninvited: Oh this sounded so good.I was just like Eee, cause I wanted to hear it.

Then Alanis attemtped to leave. I told Jessica tha I wanted to hear Thank U and if Alanis played Ironic I would kick her ass.

Alanis came back to play...

Thank U: Which I love. Yay.

Ironic: AAHH! Most of the time she just let the audience sing it.

All in all, I loved this concert. Yay Tori!! It was so good, I can't belive I'm home. How depressing. Alanis was cool too. She entertained me. I like her hair. And the Tori fans at the m & g were really nice. And the Storm guy was fun to talk to. (Haha Jess!)
Oh yes, and the setlist takes up the back of my hand, part of my wrist and part of my forearm. Wow.