"I drank the water, I stand alone"


Stone Temple Pilots

I saw STP on November 9th, 1996 at the San Jose Arena. I had to beg my mom to let me go. I was lucky it was on a Saturday instead of a weekday. So I went with my dad and my friend Jillian. It was one of the best concerts. If ya get a chance, go see STP live, they're amazing. Expanding Man opened and they were okay, not earth shattering but pretty cool. I liked the lead
singers shirt. STP opened with Press Play and Pop Love Suicide. The rest of the set was:

Electric: Crackerman, Meatplow, Tumble in the Rough, Vasoline, Still Remians, Silvergun Superman, Wicked Garden.

Unplugged: Daisy, Dancing Days, Creep, Pretty Penny, And So I Know, Seven Caged Tigers.

Electric again: Trippin on a Hole In a Paper Heart, Plush, Piece of Pie, Big Empty, Interstate Love Song, Lounge Fly, Lady Picture Show, Unglued.

Encore: Big Bang Baby, Dead and Bloated, Sex Type Thing.

There is almost nothing better to me than hearing them play live and watching Scott dance for an hour and a half. We were on the left side of the stage (by Robert) and 21st row--these rows didnt go out, they went up and we had a great view. Halfway through Crackerman, Dean started jumping around onstage and fell on his back. During the Unplugged thing, they started to play And So I Know, Robert messed up and Scott said "We weren't really going to do that song, we just threw it in for the ---- of it." They started to play Seven Caged Tigers and Robert messed up again so they had to start over. Before starting up
Lounge Fly, Scott said "This is a song I like to masturbate onstage to" and then before staring Big Bang Baby, they played some weird song about going to the farm or something. I really liked this show, I thought they did a great show. My
favorite was Piece of Pie, it absolutely ROCKED live. Go see them. Now.
Also, I screamed so much during this show, I was hoarse for the rest of the weekend...that sucked, but not nearly as much as "headbangers neck" after Metallica shows. :)
(And I have yet to match the hoarseness I achieved at this show)