My Scott"she waits while you think about it and while you think about NOTHING"

Sigh. I have kinda mixed emotions about Scott right now. See, I used to adore him, I absolutely worshipped him. I stuck with him during all the drug busts and was quick to defend him. When his new album came out, I was thrilled. I didn't quite know what to think of his new image, but I was keen on it, after all, it was *my Scott*. I still hunted for videos, information, magazine articles but somehow, my heart wasn't really in it anymore. But I loved the music on 12 Bar Blues and somehow that kept it all together.
Then things went downhill....I don't know, Scott started saying some weird shit sometimes and he was getting totally just wasn't him. See the pic at the topYuck of the page? That was my Scott....see this pic to the right of the screen? That isn't Scott, it's a bad Morrisey impression. After I heard about the drug bust, it was over. I couldn't take it anymore. As much as I would like to support him and everything, it......I hate to say this but I find it *useless* He won't give it up and it won't give him up. I can't listen to 12 Bar Blues anymore. I can't listen to Stone Temple Pilots anymore. I'm sick of hearing about his bust and jail time and what not....and most of all, when I think back to him rambling about how smooth everything was running and how STP will come out with a new album that will rock the world, I get sick of him. For now, I will listen to my Talk Show cd...

Favorite Songs by Scott:

Mockingbird Girl
Jimmy Was a Stimulator
About Nothing
Opposite Octave Reaction
Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down

Scott Weiland