me and satansatan

just in case you were under the impression that this section was going to be about the *DEVIL* you are wrong. satan is my beloved betta fish, he looks kinda like the one in the pic to yer left except he's this deep purple color that lightens out to red on the edge of his fins. he was given to me by my friend violetyse. she had to use him in a sealed ecosystem in biology class. luckily, he survived and she gave him to me.
now, you might ask how one comes to name a fish satan. well, it's like this.
violetyse and I were walking to our cars after school with little sati (as I call him) now see, violetyse and the other often call me satan because...well....uh. nevermind that. anyways so we walk up to my car and I proudly show my mom the fishie. as vio walks away she says "bye satan" my mom says "who was she calling satan?" to which I reply "uh....the fish" and so he came be called satan.
satan is absolutely adorable. each morning when I get up, I immediatly go to the kitchen to say hi to him. (he lives in a spare tank on the counter). if I wiggle my finger at him, he'll flare his gills and flutter his fins at me. sometimes the cats play with him. they'll go up to the tank and bat at the glass and satan will follow their paws, flaring up at them. also, satan has a little hole he's digging in the rocks on the bottom of his tank. we say he's trying to get back to hades.
a couple of weeks ago, my mom and I were at petsmart. i was looking at the bettas and found a beautiful one that looked kinda depressed. after much prodding, I got my mom to buy him. I swear, the minute we stepped out of the store, he started doing backflips in his little cup. since we couldn't put him in satans tank, we bought a little betta tank for him, which is about a fourth the size of satans. I crowned him pandora. pandora came home and seemed quite content. we put him next to satan for a while and they had fun flaring at each other and stuff. sadly, after only a week pandora died. but he brought out a new trick in satan. one day, I was watching him and I noticed he had a bunch of bubbles over his head, on the surface of the water. I watched as he moved away from the bubbles, went to the surface, took in some air and then swam back to the bubbles and released the one bubble he had caught. he must have done this hundreds of times. we found out it's a mating thing. it was really cute.
having a pet fish named satan can be really cool at times. my friends at school ask me how satan is and if I've talked to him lately and the looks on peoples faces are so cool. also, my mom calls me at work every week and says "satan says "blublublbublub"
this is now a common phrase among people who know satan.

Moi et Barnabas

another creature of mine is barnabas. unlike satan, he is not real, he is the most adorable stuffed doggie that I won at a carnival. he's like the doggie in my picture but his top half is black and his bottom half is white. he has the most adorable face, everyone falls in love with him. barnabas is so important that he got to go to school with me. my friends and I took him to one of our club meetings and tried to get him voted in as president. it was unanimous but then the advisor said he couldn't be president because he wasnt a student. so I made him an id card like the ones we have at school. it's really cool. he almost won the next time we voted.
i went back to the carnival and won two more doggies, one that is pink on top and one that is blue on top. the pink one is barbarella and the blue one is barbados.