Let the good times roll
Powerman 5000, Static X, Dope
February 1st, 2000
Fillmore, San Francisco

Oh my lord....okay, first off I wasn't really sure about this concert because I had such a good time at the first one and I didn't want this one to "taint" my memory, cause I wasn't familiar with the venue, the arrangement or anyone going. Well, I knew a couple of people from the PM5k board were going but I never saw them.
Oh my lord, what a concert!

First off, Josh from the radio station was going with me, so we kicked it there until four. We got to the Fillmore at 5 and were tenth in line. Yay. Then there were a whole 2 hours of standing around, the last hour or so spent standing around *and* shivering. However, there were a few high points to this: the couple in front of us, Rebecca and Ryan, were really nice. Rebecca and I got into a concert conversation and talked about the Cure concert coming up. The guys behind us were cool, just hella funny. Also, the bands kept walking around...mostly Dope, they suck so I don't care. We did see Wayne Static so we ran down and got his autograph. Also, about a half hour before we got in, Spider walked right by us and got into a car and left. I was in shock, like, "Eeep."
Oh yeah, and most of the people there were there to see Dope or Static X....and almost everyone was in a Slipknot shirt. Ick.

I bought a couple of disposable cameras for the show...on the way in, I asked one of the security guards if such cameras were allowed and he said no. So I gave the camera that I had to my dad and said if they find them, just throw them out. If not, take pics for me.

Josh and I run in and straight for the floor. I swear, the ten people in front of us all went to the bathroom or something, NO ONE was out there so we easily snagged the spot right in front of the main mic. Josh had to go pee, he left and while he was gone my dad came up and handed me one of the cameras! I was like, "Dude, how did you get this in?" to which he replied, "The guard patted down my jacket, felt some lumps and said, "What's in there?" and I said, "Oh, some beer, a hand grenade, a tommy gun..." and he said, "Okay, go in."' Oh my lord. I had the camera in my pocket the whole show but the guards were really strict so I didn't take any pics. My dad went up to the balcony and took some pics though.

Rebbeca and Ryan were right next to Josh and I so we chatted with them and got friendly with the other people around us until Dope came on.

Dope comes on....I was NOT impressed. They looked like bad Korn / Coal Chamber rejects and the weed / anti-police anthems didn't strike me as cutting edge. And the entire time I was like, "Yo lead singer guy, YOU ARE NOT IN GWAR! You can't drink water and spit it out over the crowd and act like you're cool. YOU'RE HELLA STUPID!" Their stage was kinda neat though. My dad just told me that a couple of times during the show, they would all raise their hands and the music would "magically" keep playing. Wankers. So I'm right in front of this wanky lead singer and all the chicks around me are like, "Oooh sexy sexy!" (Ew) and during the last song he decides to dive into the crowd and I'm like, "Crotch 12 o'clock!" I was the only person pushing him away...I was like, "No! No crotch for me! Not this early in the night! Not this band!"

Pushing pushing pushing....the pit was rough! But more on that later....while the roadies were setting up for Static X, I noticed Dorian up in one of the balcony seats. I waved to him, he saw me and waved back. I was like, "Yay!" Later on I also saw M33, and during the Static X show Spider was up there.

Static X was awesome....Wayne is a whole lotta sexy on stage! I could see the setlist from where I was and from what I can remember they played....um...Bled For Days, -a song I don't remember-, Fix, Wisconsin Death Trip, Love Dump, I'm With Stupid and closed with Push It. I think they played some others too, just can't remember. I loved I'm With Stupid. Wayne looked right at me as he said, "God I hate you!" After their show there was a huge bitch fight over Wayne's picks. Josh almost got one but this other guy snagged it.

Then there was the oh so dreadful wait for Powerman....might I add that there was moshing going on while the roadies were setting up. Also, I think it was during Static X that this crowd surfer sat on my head, knocking it down into the bar and cutting my lip. Ow. Whole lotta pushing going on. Other than the occasional surfer I was okay....there was a really cool chick next to me, she was comfortable to get squished against, unlike some of the stupid bitches behind me that had their elbows in my back. Hoes.

PM5k had an awesome stage....this huge light thingies and tubes and spotlights. The lights dimmed and then they started playing this old fashioned swingy song. I think Adam was having major guitar problems that night because they were late starting....the song had ended and a guitar tech was still helping him with some of the instruments. Also during Neckbone, he didn't play the solo.

An Eye is Upon You starts up....I see Al walk out to the drum kit...M33 runs across the stage...Dorian pops out along with Adam12...and then Spider makes his dramatic entrance.

I was somewhat disappointed about the set. The first half, other than two songs, was identical to the set they played the last time. Also, the only songs they played from Mega!! Kung Fu Radio were Car Crash and Neckbone, coincidentally the only two songs on that record where Spider doesn't really rap. I really wanted to hear Earth vs. Me. Puh. So here's a I don't know how correct setlist. Those marked with an * show that I'm not sure if they really played it then.

An Eye is Upon You
Tonight the Stars Revolt!
Car Crash
Blast Off To Nowhere*
Get On / Get Off*
Son of X-51
Nobody's Real
When Worlds Collide

Then they left the stage for a while, by this time I knew Adam was having guitar problems, for the entire 5 minutes the rest of the band was offstage he was on with a techie working on a guitar.
Then they came back on with...

Good Times Roll (floaty paper things!)
Creep (Radiohead cover)*
The Hidden Track from TTSR*
System 11:11*
Operate Annihilate*
They Know Who You Are

Good Times rocked....and I always love System 11:11 and Operate Annihilate. I was glad they decided to play Son of X-51....as for Get On / Get Off, I couldn't hear half of the words. Eh. By the way, Spider started off Nobodys Real with this awesome rap....it was sooo cool, I want a copy of it.

As for catching the boys...hehehe. I caught Spider right off, he looked and pointed to me during Supernova. I just adore Dorian, but I didn't catch him as much as I did at the last concert. At one point I was looking at M33 and when I turned back Dorian was right at the edge of the stage pointing his bass at me. I was like, "Whoah!" During a couple of the songs M33 came and stood in Spider's spot and I caught his eye....ah, the sexiness that is M33...

During the show at various parts, Spider would come over to us and reach out into the crowd. I felt hella little because the people behind me were getting their hands further out than I was. The chick next to grabbed Spider's hand twice. Dorian also came over to our section and I tried to touch him but what can I say, I'm little! I guess he knew that or something because after the show ended he came right over and tossed his towel to me! I was like, "AAAAAHHH, back off hoes, it's MINE!" After I got my paws on it, everyone backed off...I deserved it! Hah, people were dogfighting over Al's drumsticks though...

As Josh and I were wandering out we met up with my dad. I was determined to meet the band, or at least one of them so we wandered around by the buses until we got the notion that we should wait by the gate. Dope was over there just standing around, ugh. I'm like no thanks, I have enough traumatizing memories of you now. After twenty minutes Wayne Static came out....I was going to get a pic with him but he was in a hurry and I felt bad since there were real fans there and I'm just a Static X poseur. Then the bassist came out....and the drummer came out, he stayed signing stuff for a hella long time. Waiting waiting...we saw Dorian leave, I hella wanted his autograph but he didn't stop and I didn't want to bug him. I also saw Al but I totally didn't recognize him til later, he looks hella different in a beanie hat.

Waiting for a long time...finally at 12, Spider comes out! I was like, "Eeeeeeeeee!" He stood right in front of me to sign things. I handed him my Mega! booklet and he was like, "Ooo, you have the old album..." He signed that, my TTSR booklet and my towel, which was difficult but hey, he tried. I told him I liked his shoes...they were awesome, silver tennis type shoes. I went down to the end of the guard rail cause I wanted to take a pic with him and he had all of 10 people to go through...but everyone had hella stuff to sign, one chick had him sign her forehead. Adam12 came out for a while but I didn't get his sig since I was waiting for Spider. It was so weird just standing right there next to him....so I asked him if I could take a pic with him and he said yes. Eeee, I got to put my arm around him....Spider was about to leave so I was like, "Wait, what about Josh?" and Spider was like, "Yeah, what *about* Josh? We can't leave Josh hanging..." so he took a pic with him too....haha, my dad shaked his hand and thanked him for the great show. It was so cute.

Everyone was tired and sore but M33 hadn't come out yet and I *had* to meet him. I adore him. He's like the only guitar player I like. At 12:30 (a *whole* lot of waiting!) he finally came out. I was like, "Eeeeeeeeeee!!" I gave him my stuff to sign and he looked at the Mega! booklet and said, "Hey, I'm not on this!!" and started to fling it over his shoulder! I was like, "aaaaaaaah!" He laughed at me and signed it. He also signed the TTSR booklet and my towel. Hehe, my towel rocks. After he signed everyone's stuff, I asked him to sign my ticket and if I could take a pic with him. Haha, I put my arm around his shoulder and I swear he's the same height as me...and I'm hella short! Hella hella short! M33 is so little and cute. This guy next to me asked him if he had any picks and M33 was like, "Umm...I don't know...::::jangles in pocket::::...hey, I have change!" He found a couple of picks and gave me one. I felt bad that Josh didn't get one but I was like Dude, if it were anyone else, Spider himself, I would give it to you. Not M33 though. Just as he was about to leave I was like, "I just wanted to tell you I love the Human Waste Project (his old band) cd, it's great." and he seemed kinda suprised and said, "Oh really? Cool, thanks."

I felt hella stupid afterwards cause I was like all cool and calm and collected when I was talking to Spider but when it came to M33 I was like :::::::garbled noise:::::::::

Such a cool concert! I was at the Fillmore for a grand total of 8 hours but it was all worth it!
I am SOOOOOOO SORE right now. It's the next day and words cannot express how sore I am. It hurts to blink. I have huge welts on my arms, my shoulders and my entire back ache, my calves are so sore I can barely walk...

...but it feels sooooo good. Like battle scars.

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