"Do you feel ALIVE?"

The boys

Okay, so it's like three in the morning (Aug 31st) and I just got home from the Metallica concert about an hour ago. God I am glad I went to this concert! See, at first, I didn't really want to go because I saw them at the Bridge School concert and I felt like too much of a poseur fan of theirs but my friend and my sister really wanted to go so I begged my parents for tickets. Hehe, my dad even got one of the skull Metallica shirts. It was cute.

My dad, my friend Paul, my sister Raven and I went to see Metallica with Jerry Cantrell and Days of the New at the Shoreline Ampitheatre on August 30th. This was a serious trip for my dad, Paul and I cause it was the first time we had been to the Shoreline to see less than ten bands. Also, my mom wasn't there, ah - smoke free air. Well, at least ciggarette smoke free air. Anyways, we got there at about 5:45 or 6 but wandered around getting shirts and looking at the jewelry booths before getting our seats. Ten minutes after we settled in, Days of the New came on. I honestly didn't pay any attention to them. They were okay. Oh yeah, during Days of the New, these stupid 10 yr old kids down in front of us kept holding up this sign that said "Need Shrooms!" I hate stupid kids. Anyways, they played a 30 minute set then there was a ten minute intermission. Then Jerry Cantrell came on. I was happy that he was opening for Metallica, I love Alice in Chains and his solo work is pretty cool. He played a 45 minute set, here is the set list:

A Song I Didn't Know
No Excuses (I *knew* he was going to do this song!)
Save my Soul?
Heaven Beside You
Somewhere Inbetween?
Got Me Wrong
Another Unknown Song
Yet Another Unknown Song
Cut You In
Dark Side of the Moon

All and all, Jerry Cantrell was very cool. Now I'm going to have to break out all my Alice in Chains cds.

There was a 30 minute intermission. Then the lights dimmed....music came over the speakers....and *Metallica* took stage! I think they played for two and a half hours. They played the following songs in this order:

Bread Fan (?A cover?)
Master of Puppets
Of Wolf and Man (YES!)
The Thing That Should Not Be
Fuel (Pyrotechnics!)
Memory Remains
Bleeding Me
Jason gets to screw around for a while
Where the Wild Things Are (Just Jason and Kirk, no singing or drums)
Nothing Else Matters
Until it Sleeps
King Nothing
Where ever I May Roam
Fight Fire With Fire
-Acoustic Set begins-
Low Mans Lyric
Four Horsemen
Last Caress
-Acoustic Set Ends-
Sad But True
Enter Sandman
Creeping Death

Wow. You know, it seemed like they played a lot more songs. I was soooo pissed that they didn't play Unforgiven 2, that is one of my favorite songs by them. Other than that, I think they did a great set, played a fair amount of new and old stuff. Hah, after the roadies set up the acoustic set, James came on and he was like "You guys are still here?....Why?" And then right before Last Caress, Jason started tripping out and Lars kept making faces at James. Kirk looked like such a fruit, he was all greased down and I swear to god it looked like he shaved (or possibly waxed) his chest hair.
Hehee...his shoes are cute.Random note: Jason was wearing red shoes. (Yes, that pic is from the concert, courtesy of MetOnTour.) Another random note: James changed shirts five times. ("What, haven't you ever seen a grown man get nekkid on stage before?")
At the begining of one song, they threw in a Black Sabbath riff or something so my friend screamed "Hey, it's Ozzy!" and this seriously stoned out chick grabbed him and said "Noooo maaan, it's Metallica!" Then her and her friends kept asking us who the dark haired guy was cause they thought he was hot (see, they must have been stoned! J/k Kirk) so Paul told them his name was Kirk Hammet and that he was gay so they all started hitting him and saying he was lying. It was cool.  Ack, I swear James and everyone said goodnight like, 15 times then decided to walk around talking to people and throw out picks and drumsticks and then decide "Eh, we got time for one more song!" Teasers.

Well, after the concert, we decided to stop at a Denny's in Milpitas to get some food. There was 20 minute wait since there were only two cooks so Paul and I sat out there while Raven and my dad used the bathroom. After a couple of minutes, two guys and a woman, all wearing Metallica t-shirts come in so we start talking to them about the concert. Then my dad comes out and the guys notice he's wearing a ECV shirt, it turns out that they're Clampers too so they start talking and Paul and I are just sitting there groaning.....since the wait was so long, we all decided to get a table together so we could talk. It was so funny! I can't even remember what we all said, but it was hilarious. the girl almost spit her hash browns over Paul about three times. It was a blast. Hey, if you guys ever find
this, email me!
The ride home was an event in itself. But thats another story that has nothing to do with Metallica.

In conclusion, this was a super concert. Not too many drunk bikers, lots of fun singing and screaming and we ever had a great time afterwards!
(Yeah, so now it's the day after the concert and *everyone's* neck hurts....even my dad's and he didn't even headbang!)