Purple thingy

"Let go, let God," they say.
I do believe, but not in yours or yours.
I just believe it's all the same.

And so concludes my thoughts....which is kinda stupid because I have yet to state any of my thoughts on this page. I don't even know why I'm putting this up here, it just seemed like a thing to do. You know what I can't stand? The number of Christians jumping to an all time high because the millenium is coming. You know what else I can't stand? The number of Satanist under the age of 21 jumping to an all time high now that Marilyn Manson is popular. Not that there's anything *really* wrong with Satanism and it's not like I think that teenagers aren't wise enough to make these kinds of decisions but to me, it just seems like the wrong way to be introduced to something like that. In case you didn't know, I am totally against religions in pretty much all their forms. This does not mean I am an atheist!! I believe in something, I just don't exactly know what it is. I'm not agnostic either. I just don't agree with religions because to me, Gods and Goddess*es and spirits like that are almost totally beyond our comprehension most of the time and religions always try to FedEx it to our minds in one neat little package. I am a part time witch or Wiccan, whatever you want to call it. Solitary too, which I think is the best for me. I first got interested in Wicca when I went to my mother's cousins handfasting. It was beautiful. It was many years ago, but I was already kinda into other gods and mystical things before being introduced to Wicca. I was practically raised in Psychic Faires and things like that. Anyways, I read up on it and thought to myself "This is what I need, I need freedom." So I studied some more and evetually dedicated myself to it. When I was into it, I was happy and life was good but.....I don't know. See, the thing is they say "Most Witches are Pagan but not all Pagans are Witches." Well, I was kinda out of the norm cause I am a monotheistic witch *and* of course to put me even farther out into the pasture, I am kinda male-oriented when it comes to Gods. (Not to say I dislikes Goddess*es) And to make it even MORE confusing, I believe in devils, where usually all Wiccans don't. And then I lost free time....I could never get enough time to do circles and stuff like that. So I ended up asking the Gods to forgive me for lack of participation. That was about two months ago. I miss doing circles and things like that but I honestly can't find the time. It's like "Hey Herne, how's it hanging? Well, sorry, no incense and crystals for you tonight, I'm running late."


I think my problem is that I'm too openminded sometimes. Buddha? Yeah, he's pretty groovy, I can dig that. Herne? Gotta love those Forest gods. Hathor? As long as she stays drunk. Ganesh? I see nothing wrong with an elephant headed god. I can't think of any god or religion where I say to myself "Pfft, that's a crock of schtuff."


Just so you know, I go to a Russian Orthodox church with my parents. I've never been baptized or anything, but it's the family church, I even went there and listened when I had a deep hate for churches in all forms. (that's a long story) Well, the service is in Russian so listening doesn't really hit home for me. I like my church. The people there aren't psychopaths. I have never gotten scolded for walking up to the cross but not kissing it. (I have *never* kissed it. The priest we used to have would laugh at me and hit me on the head with it.) And I can wear a full Goth outfit with purple hair and they'll all say "Oh, don't you look pretty today!" and the sad thing is, they mean it when they say it.

Never again.

Also, I think Jesus gets too much press coverage. I mean, yeah he did some nifty stuff......so? Krishna did some pretty cool things in his time. Zeus managed to bed every single nymph in existance. Anyways, that's one thing I don't like about the Christian religion (other than the fact that most are a bunch of hypocritical, money hounding, independent thought killers.) They make this big hype about Jesus....um, great? Didn't God do everything? What if He grounds Jesus when doomsday comes? What are you going to do then? Okay, enough of that, this section is really about my favorite gods. Sooner or later, I'll link the names to real sections on each of them with info and pics.

Ganesh (God of the month)


Kwan - Yin


Buddha (Not a God, but close enough)

Saint Rosalia (Not a God, but still kicks ass.)