"Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall...
you fly."

Although I've been hearing about it and reading about it on the web for a while, I recently got kinda obsessive about Sandman, a graphic novel (fancy term for "a lot of comic book issues smudged together and bound) by Neil Gaiman. God, I don't even remember *how* I got into it. Except that a couple of years ago, I remember one of my online friends whining that the Sandman had died but I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. I absolutely adore reading Sandman, one gets a little sick of certain mutants in their underwear constantly dying or losing their powers for god-only-knows-what-reasons. Anyways, since I'm so poor and Sandman books are hard to find around here, I only have five books, "Preludes and Nocturnes", "The Dolls House", "Dream Country", "Season of Mists", "A Game of You" and "Fables and Reflections"  along with "Death: the High Cost of Living" and "Death: The Time of Your Life"
I loved the Dolls House, I thought it was a beautiful story. Preludes and Nocturnes would be kinda confusing for anyone who didn't have previous knowledge of the stories though. The High Cost of Living was great. I hope they continue doing Death books.


As you've probably noticed, I use a lot of Sandman artwork on my webpages....hehe, and a lot of other places too. I've the pic above as part of the cover to my french binder in school, my teacher loved it and for the rest of the semester, everyone kept asking me "Who the hell is that?"


Oh please, who doesn't love Delirium? She's so sweet and.....she makes so much sense! I feel so akin to her. Other fave of mine is, of course, Death. Corinthian has a place in I knowmy heart too. (Gotta love a bad guy) And Thessaly. I am Thessaly more than Delirium and FishieThessaly is more of me than I am of myself. Just last week, I found an issue of "The Dreaming" at a used book store. I adore Cain and Abel so I decided to buy it....hehe, I should know better than to buy number 2 of a three book series. I enjoyed the book I got so while on vacation a couple of days ago I dropped by a comic store to see if there was a graphic novel to it. It was a nice store, it made me so mad though cause they had the old versions of "A Game of You" and such, y'know without the top binding and the chart on the back. Anyways, they had both "The Dreaming: Beyond the Shores of Night" and "Brief Lives", both of which I was dying to get. I thought to myself "Well, I'll get The Dreaming cause I know the store back home has Brief Lives" I go to the comic book store when I get home and the only book they DON'T have is Brief Lives. AARGH! To rub salt in, they even had a copy of The Dreaming. Oh well, I sent my aunt some money and she's going to pick up Brief Lives for me. Anyways (again), I love the Dreaming now, as much as I love the Sandman. Cain and Abel are such cool charecters, epecialy Cain. (I have a weakness for evil people.) So if you're interested, pick up a copy, it's a good story.

He's gone.I'm sureI don't think so

Colour Dream