"I'd die in your arms if you were dead too"

pretty in pink


Okay, so I went to the Bush/Veruca Salt/Souls concert at the Concord Pavilion on June 10th, 1997. If you hate Bush, why did you go? you may ask. Well, I went for two reasons:

1. For the novelty of it. It was Bush. They were playing at a place 10 minutes from my house. A place that NOBODY plays. The line up for the summer includes Tina Turner, Beach Boys and Kenny G. Come on man. I couldn't miss this.

2. My mom wanted to see Gavin and try the nachos at the Pavilion.

So we ended up buying tickets to the concert. It was me, both of my parents (yeah, they go to all the concerts with me) and my friend Paul.
Souls were on first. All I can remember of them is that they played that stupid Sock Monkey song and the moshers (a grand total of 10 people) were just standing around talking to each other.
Then came Veruca Salt. The only songs I recognized were Volcano Girls, Seether (which they started off by playing hella slow) and Shutterbug. They were okay, though you'd swear that with the money they made off of Eight Arms to Hold You, they would be able to afford bras and underwear. Ick.
Now, I dont dislike Bush because of their music, in fact, I used to like them. They just got played out. Seriously played out. But I really enjoyed this concert. Why? Bush is really cool live. Since they only have two albums and have to be on for
two-something hours so they lengthened the songs, more solos, longer beginings etc. I think they opened with Greedy Fly but I can't remember. Twice during the set, everyone but Gavin left and he got to play some slow songs, Glycerine...ect. Other than that, they played a hella long version of Comedown and all their other singles. ACK! One thing for sure I remember! All during the concert I was whining cause I wanted to hear Little Things. The concert was going to end at about 11:30 but since it was a school day (and a night before finals!) and Paul was living in another town 20 minutes away and had to be home at 11:30, we were going to leave early. I begged to stay to see what the last song was....and it was Little Things! Dammit! But we got to stay to hear it so I was happy.