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This is my collection of bootlegs. In case yer wondering, I get them at music expos and lately, one of my local record stores has started carrying them. If you want me to look for a boot for you or if you want a tape of one of these, feel free to email me.

Artist: Tori Amos
CD Title: Unplugged Girl
Tracks: Cornflake Girl, Blood Roses, Silent All These Years, Icicle, Caught A Lite Sneeze, Over the Rainbow, Hey Jupiter, In The Springtime of His Voodoo, Crucify.
Running Time: 72 mins
Notes: Tracks 1-8 recorded from Mtv Unplugged in 1996, track 9 recorded from Saturday Night Live rehearsal in 1992. All tracks are Unplugged (obviously.)
Company: Pure Soundcard Blizzard Recordings.
Made In: Czech Republic
Details: Regular cd recording quality (which is pretty common with Unplugged cds) The audience is kinda loud and annoying after each song but oh well. Also, at places during the unplugged where they went to a commercial, the audience fades out faster. Tracking is cut pretty well too.
Price paid: 24.99 plus tax.

Artist: Metallica
CD Title: Garage Days and More
Tracks: Helpless, The Small Hours, The Wait, Crash Course in Brain Surgery, Last Caress/Green Hell, Stone Cold Crazy, Killing Time, Enter Sandman (demo), Unforgiven (demo), Nothing Else Matters (demo), Sad But True (demo), Wherever I May Roam (demo), One (demo), Nothing Else Matters (elevator version), So What.
Running Time: 72 mins
Notes: I'm pretty sure that 1-8 and 15 are originally from Garage Days while all the demos are available on singles to "Metallica".
Made In: .....
Details: I have no idea when or where this was made or by which company.
Price paid: 24 dollars plus tax

Artist: Metallica
CD Title: Garage Days 2
Tracks: The Mechanics, Killing Time, Let it Loose, Sucking My Love, The Prince, Jump In the Fire, Whiplash, No Remorse, Eye Of The Beholder, Remember Tomorrow, 2x4, So What, Am I Evil?, Helpless, London Dungeon/Last Caress/Green Hell, Rapid Fire, Merry F***ing Christmas From Metallica.
Running Time: 76 mins
Notes: First 6 tracks recorded in 1982 during a Garage session, 7 and 8 are demos recorded in 1983 with Dave Mustaine, 9 is an alternate demo version recorded in 1988, 10 and 11 recorded live at the 1995 Monsters of Rock Festival, 12 recorded at Wembly Arena in 1993, 13 and 14 recorded in Birmingham 1993 by Metallica and Diamond Head, 15 recorded live in Chicago 1994 with Glen Danzig, 16 recorded live in Miami 1994 and 17 is a recorded Christmas promo from James.
Company: Haven't a clue. It doesn't say on the case and/or cd. Serial # CD9606.
Made In: .....
Details: Okay, other than the fact that it does not say ANYWHERE who made it or where, the back covering was printed upside down. It does tell the details (more than I typed), dates, people and timing of each track on the back. The quality is pretty good. Many of the tracks are unavailible anywhere else, some are b-sides to singles. As far as I know, this was made about 1995 cause it lists 2x4 as a new Metallica track.
Price paid: 25 even.

Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
CD Title: The Cutting Edge
Tracks: Spaceboy, Dancing In the Moonlight, Rocket, Cherub Rock, Today, Disarm, I Am One/Disarm, Geek USA, Drown, I Am One, Cherub Rock, Silver Muck, I Am One.
Running Time: 66 mins
Notes: Tracks 1-6 are Unplugged and recorded at "the VPRO Studios" in Hilversum, Holland in July 1993. 7-12 were recorded live at the Lowlands Paradise Festival in 1993. Track 13 was recorded from Mtv Live on December 26, 1993.
Company: Octopus/ Unwired Acoustika Live.
Made In: Germany
Details: The Unplugged parts are from the same session that Landslide came from (which they probably didn't put on cause they would have gotten sued since it became an official release) and Dancing In The Moonlight (which was a b-side to Disarm). The quality is SUPER. It's unplugged and even better, it was done in a studio so there isn't any audience noise and such. Track 7 is listed as "I Am One/Disarm" but I think it's really a 1 minute version of Siva and Disarm. It's weird. The rest of the tracking is right (I called SilverMuck that just for the purpose of censorship). Btw, the version of Drown is really cool. The quality of the live material is pretty good. There isn't too much audience noise, althought the sound is sometimes kinda flat. Typical Pumpkins show.
Price paid: 24.99 plus tax.

Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
CD Title: Hot Lolla!
Tracks: Geek USA, Rocket, Disarm, Quiet, Cherub Rock, Drown, Hummer, Today, Soma, Siva, Mayonaise and Silvermuck.
Running Time: 75 mins
Notes: Recorded live at Lollapalooza in Los Angeles, September 4, 1994.
Company: Banzai
Made In: Genova, Italy
Details: It's a cool show but the sound on the cd can be pretty crappy. Sometimes is goes from stereo to flat or some tracks will buzz. And the audience gets loud at times.
Price paid: 20-25 dollars

Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
CD Title: Mighty Joe Young
Tracks: Crackerman, Wicked Garden, Sin, Plush, Where The River Goes, Creep, Dead and Bloated, Naked Sunday.
Running Time: 54 mins
Notes: Recorded live in Los Angeles, July 2, 1993.
Company: Hawk/Kaleidoscopic Music
Made In: Italy
Details: The sound on this is kinda crappy. It's totally flat and tinny, and Scott and Eric's drums are heard above all else. Also, No Memory is on the track with Sin and on the Naked Sunday track, the songs are Sex Type Thing/Wet My Bed/Naked Sunday. During Wet My Bed, some guy starts throwing shoes at them and Scott responds by telling the guy to come onstage so he can....uh...you have to hear it.
Price paid: 20-25 dollars.

Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
CD Title: Temple Of Darkness
Tracks: Crackerman, Wicked Garden, No Memory, Sin, Plush, Where The River Goes, Creep, Dead and Bloated, Sex Type Thing, Wet My Bed, Naked Sunday, It's My Nightmare, You Don't Know, Daisy, Another Day, I Hate Your Harley.
Running Time: 64 mins
Notes: 1-11 recorded in Forest Lake, MN on 7/16/93 (my birthday!) Tracks 12-16 recorded in Crystal, MN 9/14/90.
Company: Alley Cat
Made In: ------
Details: The sound sucks. It's really quiet and tinny most of the time. Tracks 12-16 are weird. They dont sound like STP and I don't recognize the songs. Does anyone know anything about this? Also, on the cd it says "Temple Pilots, Temple of Darkness. Promotion Only, Not For Resale." Then it lists the tracking as Cracker, Wick Garden, No Mercy, Sinner, Push, Where The River, Greek Creek, Dead and Alive, Sex Type, Wet Bed, Naked Eyes, My Nightmare, You Don't Know My Name, Dieey Gig, Another Parts, Hate Your Body. The serial # on the cd is STP-94092.
Price paid: 20-25 dollars

Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
CD Title: Creep
Tracks: Vasoline, Silvergun Superman, Crackerman, Lounge Fly, Meatplow, Still Remains, Ode To Moodie Guthrie, Pretty Penny, Creep, Andy Warhol, Army Ants, Big Empty, Interstate Love Song, Plush, Unglued.
Running Time: 57 mins
Notes: Recorded live in Oakland, CA 723/94.
Company: G.E.M. Recordings
Made In: ------
Details: The sound on this is really buzzy and feedbacky except in the unplugged parts. The version of Creep that they do is only like, 2 minutes long too. Also, on the cd it says "Motor Oil" instead if Stone Temple Pilots.
Price paid: 20-25 dollars.

Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
CD Title: Lost In The Garden
Tracks: Wicked Garden, Sin, Feel My Soul, Dead and Bloated, Sex Type Thing, Naked Sunday, Wicked Garden, Sin, Where The River Goes, Plush, Dead and Bloated.
Running Time: 64 mins
Notes: Tracks 1-6 recorded live in Sacramento CA, September 1993. Tracks 7-11 recorded live in Philidelphia PA, January 1993.
Company: Stay Sharp
Made In: Italy
Details: On the first 6 tracks the sound is pretty good, although its kinda thick. Scott is hard to hear at times. Also, Feel My Soul is a early demo of Lounge Fly. On 7-11 the sound is GREAT. Wicked Garden cuts in after the first verse though. (Cool pics in the booklet too. :D)
Price paid: 15 bucks even. (SUPER deal: Its a boot, it has good quality and it was less than a normal cd.)

Artist: U2
CD Title: Disco Pop
Tracks: Disc 1: MOFO, I Will Follow, Better Than the Real Thing, Gone, Pride, I Still Haven't..., Stand By Me, Last Night On Earth, Until the End of the World, If God Will..., Staring at the Sun, Sweet Caroline, Miami, Bullet the Blue Sky.
Disc 2: Please, Where the Streets..., Lemon Perfecto Mix, Discotheque, Velvet Dress, With or Without You, Holdmethrillmekissmekillme, Mysterious Ways, One, Unchained Melody.
Running Time: Disc 1: 60 mins.
Disc 2: 48 mins.
Notes: Recorded at Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh PA on May 22, 1997.
Company: ----
Made In: -----
Details: The sound is okay throughout the whole show. No where on the cd does it say where it was made or by which company. The packaging is pretty crappy, the cds look like b/w photocopies. Note: has a barcode on the back.
Price paid: 40 dollars

Artist: U2
CD Title: The Working Tapes
Tracks: Turn Around, Where Did You Go, She's Gonna Take You Down, Here Comes Changes, Nothing Feels Like This, Wake Up Dead Man, Sick For Love, Seize the Day, Even Better Than the Real Thing (instrumental), Acrobat, Wake Up Dead Man w/ the Spinning Head.
Running Time: 71 mins
Notes: An edited collection of AB outtakes pieced togther and mastered into songs.
Company: Cool Daddy Productions
Made In: Zaire
Details: WOW. This is one of the coolest bootlegs I have ever heard. If you loved Achtung Baby, this is the thing for you. Get it to hear the music of Until the End of the World and Wild Horses with different arrangements and lyrics. Get it to hear one of the coolest U2 songs I've heard "Nothing Feels Like This", a musical combination of So Cruel, Wild Horses and Your Blue Room. Get it to hear Wake Up Dead Man With the Spinning Head. WOW.
Price paid: 25 dollars plus tax

Artist: U2
CD Title: This Ain't No Swap Meet: Clearance From The Aisles of PopMart.
Tracks: Boy/Girl, Treasure, Boomerang, Deep In the Heart, Spanish Eyes, Race Against Time, Sweetest Thing, Silver & Gold, Dancing Barefoot, Everlasting Love, Night and Day, Lady with the Spinning Head, Paint it Black, In A Lifetime, Can't Help Falling In Love, Holy Joe, North and South of the River, Miss Sarajevo (Live from Modena.).
Running Time: 73 mins
Notes: B-Sides from Out of Control, New's Year Day, Unforgettable Fire, I Still Haven't..., Where the Streets..., When Love Comes to Town, All I Want Is You, One, Wild Horses, Saty, Discotheque, Staring at the Sun and other side projects..
Company: Cat Dubh Records
Made In: -----
Details: It sures beats buying all the singles that the songs are originally on, especially since some are super hard to find nowadays.
Price paid: 20 dollars

Artist: U2
CD Title: Better Than The Real Thing - Live!
Tracks: Disc 1: Pop Music, MOFO, I Will Follow, Gone, Better Than The Real Thing, Last Night On Earth, Until the End of the World, New Year's Day, Pride, I Still Haven't..., All I Want Is You, Desire, Staring at the Sun, sunday Bloody Sunday, Bullet the Blue Sky.
Disc 2: Please, Where The Streets..., Discotheque, Velvet Dress, With Or Without You, Holdmethrillmekissmekillme, Mysterious Ways, One, Wake Up Dead Man.
Running Time: Disc 1: 69 mins
Disc 2: 55 mins.
Notes: Live Broadcast from Mexico City, supposedly a soundboard recording.
Company: ------
Made In: -----
Details: Good sound, even if it sounds a little overdone at times.
Price paid: 40 dollars

Artist: U2
CD Title: ----
Tracks: Disc 1: Intro, Where The Streets, I Will Follow, I Still Haven't Found, Exodus, MLK, One Tree Hill, Gloria, God Part II, Desire, All Along the Watchtower, All I Want is You, Bad, Van Diemens Land, Star Spangled Banner, Bullet the Blue Sky, Running to Stand Still, Dirty Old Town, When the Times They are Changing, New Year's Day, Pride.
Disc 2: Audience, Party Girl, Angel of Harlem, When Love Comes to Town, Love Rescue Me.
Second Part: All Along the Watchtower, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Out of Control, People Get Ready, Trip Through Your Wires, Silver and Gold, Helter Skelter, Help, Pride.
Running Time: Disc 1: 71 mins.
Disc 2: 78 mins.
Notes: Disc 1 recorded on 1-1-1990, Part 2 of Disc 2 recorded at the Save the Yuppie concert in SF.
Company: ----
Made In: France
Details: WOW AGAIN. I had absolutely no interest in this bootleg until the guy at the booth made m listen to it. WOW. Total soundboard quality. It's amazing.
Price paid: 40 dollars

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