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Live 105 BFD 6

This concert took place last night, June 18th 1999 at the Shoreline Ampitheatre in Mountain View. Along for the ride, as always, were myself, my parents, Yvonne, Jenny and Justin. The line up for this year was Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Live, Cake, Smash Mouth, Blink 182, Orgy, Eve 6, Sugar Ray, Moby, Imperial Teen, Lit, Pennywise, Silverchair, Low Fidelity Allstars, The Living End, Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, and a couple of local bands. Wow, that took a long time to type.

So getting in and out was pretty painless. Overall, the double stages were better this year because the best bands were on the main stage, except when Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit were on, then the best bands were on the second stage. In the end, we gave everyone a fair chance and saw just about every band. Here they are in the order that we saw them. Oh yeah, and I was hella mad because Eve 6 wasn't there. I was really looking forward to seeing them, I got their cd on Tuesday and then I heard yesterday that the lead singer is having vocal trouble. oh well.

Lit: We didn't hear much of them since we were just coming in, but they were cool. They played "My Own Worst Enemy" last, and it rocked. The lead singers pants were cool.

Smash Mouth: Smash Mouth is one of my favorite bands but I was so disappointed by their performance. They played mostly stuff off of their new album, which I don't have yet. hey opened with "Can't Get Enough of You" then played Preacher, The Way That You Are, Stoned (before which Steve started yelling about how this is a pot smoking song), the other single from Astro Lounge, Come On (The Gap song...), another unknown, Why Can't We Be Friends, Lets Rock, Allstar and Walking on the Sun. Yeah, I was very disappointed with them.

Right about now I'll mention that most of our attention was focused on "Dancing Boy", this guy about 50 feet down in front of us who was dancing all during Smash Mouth and part of Sugar Ray. He was hilarious. We had several bets going on who would stick a dollar bill in his pants.

Then we left the main stage and wandered into the parking lot to see...

Silverchair: They were finishing Anna's Song as we left the main area. As we entered the parking lot, they started to play Tomorrow but then they stopped and played something else. They were cool, at one point the lead singer says "This song is for that Christian guy out there...he didn't look like he had many friends" yeah, so there was a Christian guy out there before the concert telling us that we are losers. The last thing we heard was the Year 2000 song.

After seeing 15 minutes of Silverchair, we went to the Sobe stand and got little lizard tattoos on our arms. They're cool. We also stood in line for ten minutes for garlic fries! We each got a whole tray of them....it ws fun.
We then wandered back up to see...

Sugar Ray: Who isn't too bad in concert. I heard that Runaway song on the way in. Then they played Fly, Someday and closed with Mean Machine, which was very cool. My mom said that they played Every Morning while we were gone.

After Sugar Ray left, we headed back to the parking lot to see....

Low Fidelity Allstars: As we were standing there, I hear a shriek and something comes flying towards me. It's Bridget! We all hugged Bridget and asked her how she was enjoying the show. Very muchly. She then left to take a picture of the stage. After a couple of mins, they played their single, which I love, though I love the censored version better. They were cool, but they reminded me too much of Prodigy.

So we bummed around some of the booths and then went back in for...

Cake: Which, in all respects, was kinda boring, though they played good stuff. Sheep Go to Heaven, Let Me Go, The Distance, Never There, I Will Survive. They were nice.

I did not want to see Kid Rock so Jenny and I head down to the parking lot (again!) to see...

Orgy: who rocked, though their music isn't all that good. Jenny and I managed to push into the crowd pretty far, so we had a good view. The guitarist is hot! After each of the last four songs, everyone kept yelling "Play Blue Monday!" so when they got to the end, the lead guy was like "This is our last song...do you know what it is?" No, dear.

Then we went back for...

Limp Bizkit: Annoying annoying annoying, which is why we left after 3 minutes. (Though we came back for Nookie and Faith, the only good songs they do.) They are just pure annoying noise. Also, before their set we saw a bunch of teenybopper girls dressed up like those slutty dancers from the Nookie video.

Pennywise: Back to the freaking parking lot again. But Pennywise is cool, they know how to play the crowd. Before one song, they were like "This is for the Backstreet Boys....no, it's for Britney Spears...no, it's for NSYNC..." They were having fun. They started talking about playing the Warped tour and they said "So, we're going to be playing that with Blink 182 and...um...I think Eminem is going to be there...you like that? Hello, my name is...my name is...yeah, that's some boring shit, nevermind." The only song I knew was Alien.

Back for the end of Limp Bizkit. So they announced that Blink 182 was going to be on next. I heard music outside and wanted to make sure we didn't miss Live (who never showed up) so Jenny and I ran down to the local stage and saw...

Skip Holiday: which was so cool that I bought their cd at one of the booths. It's weird though, three of the guys look straight out of Third Eye Blind while the other looks like the guy from Monster Magnet. Very cool, though.

By then, Blink 182 had come on so we head back.

Blink 182: Again....they are so weird in concert! I know they played What's My Age Again, Josie and closed with Dammit and from what I heard, had a man streaking in the begining. They talked about various things including fishing, blowjobs, flaming dicks and Jar Jar Binks. They are very entertaining, even if I don't know any of their music.

Then there was a 20 minute intermission.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Anthony Kiedes scares me now. His hair is evil!! And he was wearing a shirt, at least for the first three songs! Well, they played Give it Away, Scar Tissue, Soul to Squeeze (yay!) and Under the Bridge, as far as I know. They played in total, 8 songs and 1 single song encore. I thought it was too short. Flea also mentioned something about getting married next week. Anthony's new hair just ruined the whole thing. I didn't feel like I was watching the Chilli Peppers...he looks like a young Iggy Pop now.

After that we ran out and lost our car, but eventually found it again. We ended up at the Denny's in Milpitas...I was upset cause this guy that had been there after the Metallica and Tori concerts wasn't there this time. Bummer. We had the waitress from HELL. We ordered and waited....and waited...we didn't see her for like, 25 minutes and then she brings everyone their food except for me. Dammit! I'm like "I want you to burst into flames!" but I got my little appetizer thing about 5 minutes later so I spared her.
No real complaints about this concert, although my mom was pissed because drunk lesbians kept trying to hit on her. And it was cool because this year they actually had official shirts and bootlegged shirts...both were cool.