Steve Perry"I don't think another drink is gonna make me lose my mind..."

Live 105 BFD 5

This concert took place last night, June 19th (98) at the Shoreline Ampitheatre in Mountain View, just like last years BFD. The lineup for this year was Prodigy, Green Day, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Blink 182, Crystal Method, Save Ferris, Sprung Monkey, Fastball, Harvey Danger, The Deftones, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Marcy Playground. Although none of us were really dying to see any of these bands, we decided to go because the Shoreline is just sooo cool and so is the BFD, no matter who is playing. Also, all of us have become garlic fry addicts. Don't laugh until you try them.
Okay, so along for the ride was myself (duh), my parents, and my friends Silver, Paul and Sarah. Silver and Paul went to the BFD with us last year and all three of them went with my parents and I to the Bridge School concert. We all kinda hate Live 105 since they switched hands but when we got to the concert and saw the double stages we were really pissed. I mean, it's great if a band you hate is up on one stage and a band you like is on another but what if you like both bands and the time conflicts? It hella sucks. The only band we willingly missed was the Deftones cause, man they just suck. My parents and Sarah stayed to see them while my other friends and I wandered around. Oh yeah, and within five minutes of being there, I stole/found this bitchin Crystal Method poster. So here are the reviews in order that we saw them:

Save Ferris:  We arrived right as Save Ferris was coming on. As we were herding ourselves up to the entrance, we heard them playing "Goodbye." I'm not really familliar with any of their stuff but I know they also played "Come on Eileen" and "World is New." They were only on for a half hour but they were pretty cool.

Fastball: Two words describe Fastballs music: Alternative Country. They were okay. During the concert, my friends and I kept wondering why the lead singer was playing guitar when he plays bass in the video for "The Way." Then, when they started playing "The Way" we realized it's because that's the only song the bass player sings. Hmm.

Marcy Playground: Well, since we left after the first 3 songs, I can't say much about Marcy Playground. They were okay, I liked it because the didn't use the electric guitar much so I could take my ear plugs out for a while. As we were walking out, they started playing "Saint John." Grr, I wanted to hear that, too.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: Words cannot describe BBVD. They kicked sooo much ass. Also, this was our first time out at the second stage where they were playing. The stage was set in the middle of an old parking lot and everywhere there were people swing dancing to the music. It just rocked. After a couple of songs, we left to go get a soda but as we were just getting back to the main snack area, they started playing "You and Me and a Bottle Makes Three" so we ran back out to see them again. At one of the horn solos, the guy playing climbed up onto one of the 20 ft high speakers to play. As I said, words cannot express how cool it was. I'm getting their cd tomorrow.

Blink 182: Okay, their music was crap but they were sooo.......weird it was kinda funny. First, one of the guys kept talking about how he really likes a good blowjob and then he started talking about how one of the other guys jacked off in the airplane on the way there so the guy who did it was like "Yeah man, I joined the mile high club with myself!" And after (or before) each song he would say "Yea hooray!" It was just *weird*. "Dammit" was the last song and right before it the guy started singing something to the affect of "We've been around for six years and this is the only song you know us by and we hate you but we'll play it anyways..."

Deftones: We didn't even wait for them to come onstage, Silver, Paul and I left while my parents and Sarah stayed.

Harvey Danger: We only watched them for a second (they were in the parking lot and we needed another drink.) Not many people were paying attention to them but I thought they were pretty talented.

Oh, at this point (I think) we went to the autograph booth and met some of the guys from Sprung Monkey which is cool since we missed their show. We each got postcards signed by them and babbled to them about how jacked up Live 105 is. They just sat there and looked at us funny.

We got back to the grass as Deftones were, thankfully, ending and all of us (excluding my parents) decided to go catch Green Day on the second stage since there was supposed to be an intermission.

Green Day: We waited for almost an hour in that godawful crowd just to see Green Day. Ugh. How i regret it now. After 30 mins, Adam Corrola(?) from Loveline came out and said they'd be on....he just failed to mention it would be another 20 minutes.
I didn't like Green Day. The music is okay, they didn't play a single song I didn't know (even though we only stayed for about 6 songs.) Billie Joe's language was atrocious. My friend liked the fact that he started playing Iron Man in the middle of the concert. We almost got smushed by moshers and we lost Silver since she stayed back in the crowd so we left the parking lot.

Cherry Poppin' Daddies: We couldn't find Silver so we went to the autograph booth to see who was there. To our disappointment, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy were just leaving. We asked "Who will be up next?" Answer: "Cherry Poppin Daddies are walking up right now." We screamed. I felt so bad cause there was a line to go in going out at least twenty feet but we cut in right after three 12 yr old boys. We got up there and Paul and I were like "(drool) we love you...." and Sarah was just standing there: "Hey, can you sign this?" They were so nice, the lead singer (Steve Perry) signed each card to each person (and spelled my name right!) and they actually talked to us, unlike the very silent Sprung Monkeys. It was cool cause the security guy kept yelling at everyone that only one item could be signed for a person but we got them to sign a card for Silver so she wouldn't be too mad at us. Afterwards Paul got Steve to sign his Biore shirt that he ganked off one of the chicks at the Live 105 booth and we both shook hands with him. We were spaced out all the way back our seats saying "I'll never wash this hand again..." It was kinda depressing cause we missed seeing them play but *we got to see them!* Later on during intermission, Paul and I went back and gave Steve a rose and then we caught up with the drummer at a jewelry booth and I got him to sign my ticket.

Then there was like, an hour long intermission. Paul and I spent 45 minutes of it in line for a soda. Grr.

Prodigy: Prodigy was okay. They played "Breathe", "Firestarter" and "Smack My Bitch Up" but honestly, after listening to that guy scream crap for 10 minutes and watching some random guy dancing onstage, it kinda gets to you. My parents left for the whole Prodigy show. Oh yeah, they hated the Deftones too. No suprise there.

Crystal Method: I was so stoked that Crystal Method would be last. The only songs I know that they played were "Busy Child" and they ended with a KICK ASS "Trip Like I Do." It was really neat cause all their songs just blended in with each other. My dad fell asleep but my mom really liked them. She has this thing for 1 to 2 people bands. I gotta get a copy of that Trip Like I Do, it totally *rocked*

In general, this concert *rocked*. I mean, it didn't have the totally awesome groups like last year and the stages were stupid but they had some good bands and it was a lot of fun for all of us. *And we got to meet the Cherry Poppin Daddies!* (swoon)