"Oh la'mour, you broke my heart and now I'm aching for you"

Robert Smith

Live 105 BFD Beach Ball

I went to this last night (June 13th) at the Shoreline Ampitheatre in Mountainview with my parents and my friends Silver and Paul. And I must say this will go down as the coolest concert I've ever been to. People performing: Dick Dale, Squirrell Nut Zippers, Space, Third Eye Blind, Toad the Wet
Sprocket, Echo and The Bunnymen, Social Distortion, Blur, Erasure and The Cure.

Dick Dale: He's the dude thats does all that surfer music. It was pretty cool, he did a 20 minute set at the begining of the show and after the first intermission. I didn't catch most of it cause I was outisde with my friends checking stuff out but it sounded great.

Squirrell Nut Zippers: This ruled! I adore them and they gave a great show. Of course, Hell was the one of the last song they played in their 30 minute set. They also played Put a Lid On It, Prince Nez and a couple more songs from Hot.

Space: I'm only familiar with one Space song, the one thats always on the radio. I have to admit, their set was kinda boring, especially after seeing Squirrell Nut Zippers.

Third Eye Blind: This wasn't too exciting but definatly not as boring as Space. They played Semi Charmed Life and some other songs from their debut album. And the lead singer is a horrible lip syncher.

Toad the Wet Sprocket: I'm not familiar with Toad the Wet Sprocket. I know they opened with their new single, Comedown. But they weren't boring, even if I didn't know any of their stuff. They put on a good show.

Echo and The Bunnymen: This ruled. I'm not really familiar with them either (Never specifically heard them but some of the songs were familiar) but I thought it was really cool. I liked their style of music, and they got the crowd grooving. I liked them so much that I'm going to get one of their cds today.

Social Distortion: They played great. The only annoying thing was everyone stood up and the rest of us who felt like sitting on the grass couldn't see. Halfway through the set, people started to sit though so it wasn't too bad. They played "I Was Wrong", "My Life" and "Ball and Chain". They definatly got the crowd going.

Blur: I'll be honest. Other than "Boys and Girls" and "Song 2" I thought Blur was boring. Oh well. 20,00 people yelling "Whoo hoo!" was rather cool.

Erasure: Okay, I had no idea who these people were so my friends and I went outside to get something to eat cause it would be busy during the intermission right afterwards. We came back for the last half of the set and IT ROCKED! These people were in these bright metallic colored suits and the music was totally groovy. Even my mom was up and dancing. They were definatly one of the coolest acts. I'm getting one of their cds today too.

The Cure: This is what I wanted to see the most. The BFD tickets had been on sale for a couple of months and I kinda wanted to go but not really. Then they annouced that The Cure was playing and I begged for my parents to take me. The concert sold out one week after The Cure was added. I'm so glad we got tickets. So I was totally hyped about seeing them. They played a great set
including "Just Like Heaven", "Inbetween Days" and "Fascination Street" I was threatening to beat up Robert Smith if they didn't come back out for an encore and play "Friday I'm In Love" (the song I wanted to hear most) and they did!! They played two encores including the above mentioned song, "Boys Don't Cry", "Why Can't I Be You?" and "Killing An Arab".

This was the coolest concert. It had great bands and plus, you could walk around outside looking at the booths and other stuff they had there. It was amazing. It had a great atmosphere too. It was long (3pm-11pm) and we were tired afterwards but everyone had a good time, even my parents.